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Healing Your Pain Trough Paint

Life can through some unexpected challenges at us…

The loss of a loved one, long term disease, or having been trough a traumatic experience, just to name a few,  are painful situations that can be very hard to cope with, and finding a “new normal”can seem unattainable.

Our art workshops encourage self-expression and self-exploration, on your own terms. Through abstract paintings, you document your life experiences in a profound way, creating a personal healing environment. This often leads to great self-awareness, the confidence to process feelings and emotions, and the ability to articulate and share these feelings with others without fear of being judged or misunderstood.

Paint-It-Out therapeutic art workshops are based on proven methods which have helped thousands of individuals cope with issues ranging from the stressors of everyday life to severe traumatic experiences.

Paint-It-Out therapeutic and creative art workshops provide a healthy and safe outlet for feelings such as fear, guilt, pain, rage and anger so that those emotions do not spill over other aspects of your life in a negative way.

We are here to help you manage difficult emotions and circumstances you might be facing,  encourage you to make positive choices in all aspects of your life,  as well as celebrate and remember those great times.
If you are going through some hardship we are sure you will benefit from our workshops, find out more information here

Although therapeutic, our workshops are not intended to provide a diagnosis or interpretation of the work, and those in need of further assistance in a one-on-one setting, are referred to other professionals.

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Disclaimer: Although therapeutic and the facilitator is a therapist, this DOES NOT CONSTITUTE art therapy. Art therapy is a separate and distinct field of practice. The format, the structure, and frequency of the Paint It Out workshops make it clear that the leaders are acting as facilitators of the creative process.