The Life-Long Gift Program

follow We all carry with us negative feelings form past experiences, that can go as far back as our early childhood. We might not be aware of these feelings, but they still have an effect in how we feel about ourselves, and how we deal with stressful situations.

drug induced lupus accutane http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=farmacia-viagra-generico-25-mg Our Life-Long Gift Program is a series of therapeutic workshops for those who want to learn how connect to their inner self in a deeper level, and how to process their positive and negative emotions in a healthy and creative way, by incorporating art and self-awareness into their daily lives.


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The 12 Week Program

where to how get generic levitra best price This 12-week program is divided in 3 levels of 4 workshops each, where each week will build on to the next, and as workshops progress, the topics touch on harder subjects. The series of exercises are especially devised to inspire creative expression, and the progression from one to the next provides continuity with the process, consistency, and feeling of safety for group members, also allowing group members to grow individually and as a group

see url Our Life-Long Gift Program develops over the course of 12 workshops that provide the necessary continuity to build new habits. The overall purpose of the workshops is:
•  To learn to be honest with yourself
•  To have time to yourself to reflect on all that is happening around you
•  To reflect on your relationships, at work, home and with friends
•  To come to terms with your actions, linking them to your emotions.
•  To make you more aware of what makes you tick, or moves you
•  To explore hidden sides of your personality

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Progression of The Life Long Gift Program

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The 4 week Beginners Series is formulated to teach participants the language of color and how to process and express their feelings through visual art such as collage, watercolor, acrylic painting and journaling. Exercises allow us to become familiar with the process while learning about their personal meaning for each color. We work on coping with stress, identifying our emotions, exploring more of our day to day feelings, as well as goals and dreams for the future.

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During the next 4 workshops we complete a second series of artworks using these varied mediums we take the process to a new level of emotional expression. We work on how to explore a deeper side of ourselves, and we start exploring our past, as well as subjects more spiritual in nature. Topics explored include anger, hope and rebirth.

enter Advanced
The last 4 workshops focus on acrylic painting we encourage participants to explore and process their own creativity on an even deeper level through the completion of additional series of paintings. Participants learn how to explore and document their life journey from different angles. Exercises range from topics such as fear and anxiety, to body image and aspirations, and also encourage participants to think about their legacies.


The Long Term Value

A new sense of confidence develops as you progress through the weekly sessions of self-reflection and reevaluation of your actions and decisions.
Upon completion of these 3 series, you will have received the life-long gift of being more self- aware thereby deepening your relationship with yourself, as well as enhancing relationships with others.