Healing After Divorce Program

go This 4-week workshop program helps adults and children going through a break-up to express their feelings and emotions, in a warm, non-threatening and creative setting. Participants are encouraged to uncover their emotions through abstract paintings, drawings and collages in a safe environment.

click here After completing the program, participants  are able to come to terms with their feelings, boost their self-confidence, and deal with their negative emotions in a healthy way.



Healing After Divorce – For Adults

see url kla paintitout adult copyWhen a long-term relationship ends, the world is turned upside down. Someone going through a break-up will often feel lonely, hurt, depressed, sad and even angry, with so many painful feelings and memories constantly coming to the forefront.

prezzo vardenafil originale Our Healing After Divorce workshop series helps people going through a break-up, dealing with all those negative feelings, by  allowing them to express and document their emotions through art, so they can progressively regain hope, self confidence and control of their lives.

viagra canada At each of the 2-hour long sessions, participants are guided through a series of exercises  to explore their broken dreams and promises, as well as open up to new hopes and dreams for the future. Participants are able to express the roller coaster of emotions running their lives on a day-to-day basis since their divorce, as well as to share their feelings  with their group members, either through abstract art, or if they choose to, verbally.

see Participants experience a great sense of relief and well-being, after each session, and at the end of the 4 weeks are able to come to terms with their feelings, boost their self- confidence, and deal with their negative emotions in a healthy way.

Healing After Divorce –  For Children

generic soft viagra from online drugstore cbc kid 4Children going through their parent’s divorce often feel a great deal of pain, fear and confusion. Parents can have a difficult time helping their children cope with the changes, as they are having a hard time themselves in dealing with the separation.  Oftentimes, parents will notice an increase in tantrums as well as troubles at school fueled by anger and sadness.

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=tadalafil-usa Not being able to communicate effectively, children experience feelings of bitterness, loneliness, due to a lack of self-awareness.  This can have a very negative effect in their relationships with their parents, as well as others.

go here Our Healing After Divorce workshop series helps to open the lines of communication between families, giving them the tools they need to understand their inner turmoil.

quanto costa vardenafil 2017 At each of the 2-hour long sessions, children are  encouraged to acknowledge and verbalize their emotions about their parent’s divorce through paintings and drawings, ultimately helping them adjust to their new lives with hope.

viagra best buy Documenting their journey in a divorced household will relieve your children of some of that hurt and anger they are feeling, help them reach a more positive outlook on life, and ultimately teach them how to deal with negative emotions in a healthy way