Healing Workshops

source site Paint it Out Therapeutic and Creative Art Workshops are about The Process, The Value, And The Truth of The Work Itself, and not so much about the resulting artwork.

Workshops are 2-3 hour long, and guided by a certified facilitator. Participants have a chance to express themselves with paint and color in a warm and safe environment in order to bring out a creative response to the emotional suffering surrounding their life circumstances. Our creative and therapeutic workshops are based on proven methods that have helped thousands of individuals including those battling chronic and life-threatening illnesses, at-risk and under-privileged youth, victims of domestic violence and wounded soldiers as well as their families who are coping with the effects of trauma both spiritual and physical in nature.
healing workshops

Introduction to Creative Self-Expression, For children and adults

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This 3 hour workshop is the place to start the therapeutic process of self discovery, regardless of age and circumstances. Participants will get acquainted with the art therapy methods and learn the basics of self- reflection and self-awareness through paint, and will find out what is really causing the stress in their lives, experiencing a great sense of relief by the end of the workshop.

This workshop is the first step in the process of healing and it’s required before enrroling in any of our in-depth programs.

Cost: $70





Unguided Sessions For You To Unwind On Your Own


DSC_0003The Solo Sessions are unguided hour-long sessions for those who wish to come in and let-it-out or, as we call it, Paint-It-Out on their own. We provide all of the materials and tools you’ll need, you just come in and simply paint to your hearts content, pour your stresses on the canvas, make a mess, and leave with a great sense of relief.

They are for you if you have attended a workshop before, either with us or anywhere else, so you are already familiar with art therapy methods. They help you to unwind when stress is getting to you. You can come during your lunch break, after work, while the kids are in school, etc.

Space is limited, so advance registration is required. If you don’t see a time and date that’s convenient please call or contact us via the contact form on the Contact Us page, we can make other arrangements for you.

Fee $45



young adult disc 1This 4-week workshop program helps adults and children going through a break-up to express their feelings and emotions, in a warm, non-threatening and creative setting. Participants are encouraged to uncover their emotions through abstract paintings, drawings and collages in a safe environment. After completing the program, participants  are able to come to terms with their feelings, boost their self-confidence, and deal with their negative emotions in a healthy way.

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generic propecia tablets reputable forum This is the program for those who want an in-depth look at their inner life, by incorporating art and self-awareness into their daily lives.

DSC_0042The focus of these workshops is to encourage participants to explore untapped areas of creativity and learn how to process positive and negative emotions through art. A new sense of confidence is instilled as participants progress through weekly sessions of self-reflection and reevaluation of their actions and decisions. Each week will build on the next, through a series of exercises especially constructed to inspire creative expression.

Our Life-Long Gift program is composed of 12 sessions over the course of 3 months, covering a wide variety of experiences. The 12 workshops progress from Beginner, Intermediate, to Advanced. Participants leave, not only with a better understanding of themselves but also with a grasp of our methods. Graduates receive the Life Long Gift allowing them to use it on their own.

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Get Started on Your Journey of Healing

Stop by and visit during our   click here Open House hours to see how you feel about it.

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