About Us

cialis generico quando Paint it Out’s purpose is to help those going through difficult times enter journeys of self-discovery, self-expression, and self-exploration, so they can re-author their stories, and learn to deal with stress in a healthy way.


cheap propecia no prescription The canvas does not judge or talk back, and you are free to release onto it whatever you want. That’s what makes painting such a powerful healing agent, allowing to communicate emotions  in a creative yet therapeutic way that eases into the healing process.

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Why I started Paint it Out


http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=comprare-viagra-100-mg-online-generico-a-Parma When I lost my mother, I turned to painting to escape the pain. I painted a lot, and the more I painted the more I felt it helped me come to terms with the tragic circumstances surrounding her death. I found it to be a safe and artistic method to process my emotions. I feel that I was fortunate, in a way, to resort to art expression to deal with it all, as I see far too many people turn to real unhealthy, even destructive ways to deal with negative emotions. That’s why I decided to open Paint it Out: so I could help others heal through painting, and learn how to take control of their lives, just like I was able to.

enter site Since I began my journey, I have found that my workshops have helped individuals of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds find lines of communications through art. It is my goal to continue to help open those lines of communication, allowing for the healing process to take place.

cialis generico uso follow url Bianca Sassine, Founder, Creator, and Director of Paint it Out, is a certified facilitator in the Art4Healing method with a Masters degree in Clinical Social Work from Boston College, as well as a psychology degree from Elon University, where she graduated with high honors. She is, in addition, a certified yoga instructor for children, as well as certified in Trauma-Focused CBT.  She has worked with victims of domestic violence, facilitated workshops with war veterans, and worked with children going through the loss of loved ones and/or family members with cancer, at the Children’s Bereavement Center and Camp Kesem. She is currently an Art Specialist for the Children’s Bereavement Center at their sites in Miami Country Day School and Belen Prep.

see Disclaimer: Although therapeutic and the facilitator is a therapist, this DOES NOT CONSTITUTE art therapy. Art therapy is a separate and distinct field of practice. The format, the structure, and frequency of the Paint It Out workshops make it clear that the leaders are acting as facilitators of the creative process.