Paint It Out Summer Camp is the perfect fusion/blend for a healing and creative summer art program. Through both process art and technique-driven art, the aim is to foster mindfulness, self-awareness and most importantly self- expression.

Our theme is “TRANSITION” as we explore different careers in the arts! Campers will have a chance to become mini toy inventors, architects, fashion designers, botanists, and more. Using paint, clay, fibers and photography, they will create and tinker, investigate and build.

The Summer Camp program is designed and conducted by Bianca Sassine and Kira Tippenhauer, both art for healing certified. They make a formidable team infusing lesson plans with healing, creative art. They each bring their expertise that combines fine arts, ceramics, yoga, and mental health therapy; providing quite the freeing, healing, safe, and productive environment!

As usual, we work with small groups to allow for children to receive individualized attention.

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