discount levitra pills order prescription Mother’s Day is just plain hard for those of us who’s mothers have passed. It’s not that we miss her more or less than any other day, but it’s a painful reminder that seems to be in front of us everywhere…That’s why I decided to have a special workshop for the motherless daughters and sons, because it’s very important to let all those emotions out in a healing, healthy way.


source Having been there, it can be really comforting to meet with a group of people who understand what you’re going through, where you are able to be openly honest, even raw with the emotions we feel. It helps to come to comprehend different aspects of the loss we experience, while feeling supported and never judged.   

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source url I don’t think you ever stop grieving the loss completely, the void will always be there. Your grief evolves as you do.  But you can find a healthy outlet for the pain every time it surfaces, so you can heal and continue to move on, and that’s what you can expect form Paint it Out Therapeutic Art Workshops.

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qual o melhor cialis generico You are not alone! For information on our Therapeutic Art Workshops for the “Motherless” please get in touch by filling out the form here.

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